What if I’m really out of shape and have not worked out in a long time or have never worked out in my life?

No Problem!  Our OnRamp (=Beginners) classes will teach you our core movements and prepare you for the physical and mental demands of CrossTraining. We teach you methods on how to scale down certain movements/workouts and manage muscle soreness.

What is an OnRamp class and why do I need to do it?

OnRamp is our Beginners Classes that focus on technique and form.  You will learn all the movements needed for class and learn how to scale or modify movements as needed.  This will help make your transition into the regular classes safer and easier.  

Our Group OnRamp class is four total classes taught in a small group setting, they meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 8-9am.

I can not make the times for the Group OnRamp classes or want to finish the On-Ramp quicker.

No Problem! We can do private (one on one) OnRamp. Please contact us to set up dates and times.

What if I am not ready after the OnRamp courses or do not feel comfortable joining a class yet? Can I take the OnRamp classes more than once?

Yes!  You can stay in OnRamp for as long as you like. You can also continue with one on one classes.